Achieving sustainability

DANIEL Wahl defines sustainability as the
underlying pattern of health, resilience and
adaptability that maintain this planet in a
condition where life as a whole can flourish.
This idea suggests that human societies
must live and meet their needs without
compromising the ability of future generations
to meet their own needs, continue
with societal progress and increase the
quality of life.
To ensure progress of sustainability, principles
that hold its foundation should be
considered. Sustainability is made up of
three pillars; the economy, society and the
Sustainable development in the property
development sector is of paramount importance
as it saves the national budget, fulfills
the needs of people and conserves natural
resources for future generations.
While sustainability is certainly a trendier
concept, there is another concept that
is quickly gaining ground; regeneration.
Regeneration compliments and takes sustainability
even further, acknowledging
modern society lifestyles to be sustained for
generations to come.
West Prop Zimbabwe’s vision on development
meets the current needs of the clients
without compromising the ability of future
generations to enjoy the legacy of development.
This will be achievable through the
transformation of the settlement patterns in
keeping with global town planning practice
standards and impact and its resultant on
Sustainability encourages people to make
decisions betting on the long term and taking
future generations into account.
In this way, acting sustainably encompasses
a temporal framework of decades
and considers more than the profit or loss
involved in the short run.
West Prop Zimbabwe is orientated towards
sustainable innovation that meets the
current needs of Zimbabweans.
Sustainable development also involves
infrastructural development; that is developing
buildings energy and water infrastructure
with due consideration to economic,
social and environmental implications.
Infrastructure is crucial to sustainable
community development, our future wellbeing
and the day to day life.
West Prop Zimbabwe’s mission is to delight
customers with the latest sustainable
As a company we seek to be a disruptor in
the property market by offering our clients
innovative green design, value-added properties
that speak to the need of every lifestyle.
West Prop encourages and has incorporated
into its developments the use of solar
energy, reticulated gas and water treatment
all with the aim of reducing its carbon
foot prints and develop eco-friendly homes
designed and built using the best practice to
ensure ground water recharge is increased.
A major expansion of investment in modern,
clean and efficient infrastructure will
be essential to attaining the growth and sustainable
development objectives that world
is setting in for.
West Prop is focussed on innovative construction
technologies with a view to consciously
develop its projects in an environmentally
sustainable manner for the Zimbabwe
This is evident throughout their developments
across Harare City namely Pokugara
Residential Estate and Millennium Heights
Apartment Estate in Borrowdale, Gunhill
Rise, Mbudzi, Main Way Meadows and the
up and coming newest offering Pomona City.