Pokugara, Millennium gearing towards eco-friendly communal living

WEST Property Company (WestProp) is eagerly

pursuing its Zimbabwean dream

through its mixed-use developments which

meet the needs of its clients without compromising

the ability of future generations

to enjoy the legacy of our footprint.

Our vision is to be the leading customer-centric developer

of exceptional properties in Zimbabwe.

Sustainable development in the property

development sector is of paramount importance

as it saves the national fiscus, fulfils the

needs of the people, and conserves natural resources

for future generations.

It is possible to reduce carbon emissions

while providing clean and affordable energy

for all — including through energy efficient

construction, use of renewable energy and

energy efficient electrical appliances.

We have transformed our settlement patterns

to keep pace with global town planning

standards and impact on the environment —

such as through “smart” infrastructure, decent

ecologically sensitive housing and high

connectivity — smart cities and communities.

One undeniable aspect about life is that

time flies and time waits for no person. It is,

therefore, important to make long term, strategic


An investment in bespoke, eco-friendly

property that takes cognisance of the times

and utilises renewable energy such as solar is

a must for any purchaser.

WestProp provides the turn key solution to

sustainable property investments, be it for a

first-time buyer or for adding to an existing

property portfolio.

The beauty of our offering stems from the

fact that all the current developments in Harare,

namely Gunhill Rise Estate (sold out),

Millennium Heights and Pokugara Residential

Estate (currently the first show houses

are almost sold out) are located in areas that

automatically give value merely by being located

in the prime suburbs of Borrowdale and

Gunhill, respectively.

The late Lord Harold Samuel, a real estate

tycoon in Britain, coined the expression:

“There are three things that matter in property:

location, location, location.”

If you follow this advice, then we have the

location of locations.

Our mission is to delight our customers

with the latest sustainable innovation incorporating

modern designs in our residential

and commercial offerings in Zimbabwe.

WestProp seeks to be a disruptor in the

property market by offering the client innovative,

green design, value-added properties

that speak to the needs of every lifestyle.

The properties come with flexible phased

construction, friendly purchasing terms and

the assurance of total ownership once payment

is complete.

Our goal is, therefore, to offer a wide range

of residential and commercial solutions to

the property requirements of Zimbabweans.

We create, live, work, play and shop multi-use

nodes within our developments.

Pokugara Residential Estate offers a family

environment that is not only modern and

elegant, but also secure and spacious, whether

in the form of a stand-alone home or in the

townhouse development (Phase 1 currently


With the three developments, WestProp

seeks to achieve an ideal mix of features to

suit modern lifestyles which transform settlement

patterns architecturally and functionally;

complemented by tastefully designed

botanic gardens incorporating indigenous


The aim being to contribute towards smart

cities through relevant smart infrastructure.

Millennium Heights in particular offers

unique, multi-level with some blocks cascading,

strikingly designed modern apartments

with spacious walkways, ample parking,

social and entertainment communal


The complex offers a broad range of highend

amenities to its residents including a

club house incorporating/meeting rooms,