Pomona City’s 10 year mortgage offer

WEST Property Zimbabwe is
proud to introduce an exciting
new purchase option to enhance
access to its residential estate development
and provide an opportunity
that affords its clients a decent
housing at affordable prices.
This is a 10 year mortgage towards
purchasing of stands in Phase
1A of Pomona City. This offer is
available within a limited time
and there are only a 140 stands
We also have a new form of
land ownership being Leasehold
ownership. This exciting scheme
comes with a perpetual renewable
period which affords you first
right of refusal should the land be
made available for sale. As with
any other valuable asset it has the
ease of passing it on to beneficiaries
for easy estate planning or disposal
Pomona City is a secure gated
community and estate comprising
predominantly of residential
stands with some facing onto the
Wingate Park Golf Course. The estate
comprises of a shopping centre,
schools, a park, club house,
creche and church avenue. The
main entrance to the estate will
be via the Borrowdale and Alpes
Roads. The stands come serviced
with tarred roads, water and connection
to sewer via septic tank or
main line.
The offering of stands is in four
categories and phases: • Phase 1A Stands immediately
available for take up are the
Pomona City is a secure gated community.
???????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????
largest stands (i.e. from 1460-
3204sqm). Some stands are
along the golf course. • Phase 1B Stands will be available
end of June 2021. • Phase 1C Stands of 800-600sqm
to be available by December
• Phase 2 onwards will have
smaller stands available of
400sqm and will only be available
in 2022.
Our goal is to develop the estate
in phases, which include infrastructure
services and onsite development
that will be undertaken
with all the necessary City Council
approvals. Such developments include
tarred roads, water provision
and sewer connections where
necessary along with storm water
As a property developer, we are
constantly looking for ways to help
our clients find their ideal property
and build. To this end West Prop
will also be introducing Phase 1A
stands on a 10-year mortgage offer,
allowing our clients to pay as
low as 10% deposit spread over
three months and a monthly repayment
with interest at 1% per
annum, which allows for easy financial
Phase A1 is particularly desirable
as it is comprised of stands
overlooking the Golf Course. Once
the Certificate of Compliance is in
place clients will have access to
start construction of their homes
whilst paying their monthly loan
repayments as per our payment
schedule provided.
West Prop Zimbabwe is a development
company providing
turnkey solutions to sustainable
property in Harare. Our primary
focus is to create a sustainable environment
for our communities
through building resilient societies
and working towards vision 2030
Zimbabwe’s bright future. Our desire
to develop projects in an environmentally
sustainable manner
has seen us develop innovative
construction technologies.
It is the ethos of West Prop Zimbabwe
to protect the environment
and be a responsible sustainable
developer thus Pomona City will
be an eco-city using the latest
green technology and innovations
to minimise the impact on the
Planet and change people’s lives. • This article is sponsored by West
Property Zimbabwe.