Real estate in turbulent environment

REAL estate is property consisting of land

or building. Although most sectors were

ravaged by the effects of Covid-19, the

increase in property investment is set to

drive a surge in the real estate industry.

The pandemic struck and put a lot of

pressure on the property business as there

has been a decrease in sales due to several

challenges such as foreign currency shortages,

high inflation rates and low disposable

and rental incomes.

However, despite all the challenges

faced, hopes of peaking and driving

economic growth through property investment

sector are not far from being


In the recent years Zimbabwe has experienced

a housing backlog and property

development companies have often times

had to fill in the gaps and curb the backlog

through developing bulk infrastructure

services to facilitate development in the

country and come to correct terms with

what the country need in line with vision


West Prop Zimbabwe is working towards

Zimbabwe’s bright future in line

with the same vision 2030.

We are encouraging potential homeowners

to invest with us and start building

their dream homes.

In so doing their investment not only

affordably secures their future legacy but

also allows job creation and poverty alleviation

which is at our hearts core whilst

putting them first as per our customer

centric vision.

At West Prop Zimbabwe, our primary

motivation in our multiple projects is derived

from the rapid population growth,

thus our sole purpose is to focus on how

to create a sustainable environment for

our communities by implementing estate

development techniques in the current

environment, creating career and business

opportunities and safe and affordable


As a company we are working towards

driving long-term project investments

into the market, focusing on innovative

construction technologies with a view to

consciously develop its projects in an environmentally

sustainable manner for the

Zimbabwe tomorrow.

The shortages in houses in Zimbabwe

remain a major challenge and real estate

experts need to work closely with the

Government to achieve innovative funding,

design, and construction models for


A major expansion of investment in

modern, clean, and efficient infrastructure

will be essential to attaining the growth

and sustainable development objectives

that the world is setting. West Prop is focusing

on developing Zimbabwe environmentally,

consciously, and innovatively.

Projects underway at West Prop interact

with the environment to avoid depletion

of natural resources and these projects

allow for long-term environmental